Witches Tarot Companion Book Picture of Witches Tarot Deck and Book by Ellen Dugan and Mark Evans
I am Ellen Dugan. In addition to scripting and designing the deck, I also wrote the 312 page companion book for the Witches Tarot. In the companion guide book you will discover the symbolism and the magickal meaning displayed within Mark Evans’ captivating art. For every individual image portrayed in the scene of a single tarot card is there for a specific reason. Symbolism is the language of the tarot, and there are many different types of symbolism used in the Witches Tarot.

As you study the art of every card, read along in the book to discover what each flower, landscape, clothing color, jewel, tree, fruit, animal or elemental creature represents. Also you will see that there are practical keywords with each card definition. These “keywords” will help you to learn the basic meaning of every card a bit more easily. Correspondences for deities, astrological and elemental associations are also listed where applicable. In addition to detailed card descriptions and meanings, this companion guide features seven unique, spell-enhancing spreads for both tarot readings and magickal practice.

Of course there is also a chapter devoted to spell work. It is entitled , “Magick with the Witches Tarot Deck”. This chapter features eleven brand new tarot spells. Finally, be sure to refer to the two helpful appendices in the back of the book. There is one appendix on the numbers and court cards of the Minor Arcana, and another detailed, alphabetized appendix on the common symbols employed in the cards. This is a book you will truly enjoy reading and working with. Blessed be your journey as you explore the magick and mystery of the Witches Tarot.
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