by Ellen Dugan and Mark Evans

Welcome to Witches Tarot!

Kit Box Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan and Mark Evans
Welcome to the launch of the Witches Tarot website!

Ellen Dugan and Mark Evans have prints, an artbook and a few super special limited edition items which they will sell through the website. These will be available to order when the Book and Deck set is released in September.

The Witches Tarot Book and Deck Set is available now for pre-order from both Amazon and Llewellyn. Please follow the links throughout this website to make a purchase.

Until then, Ellen and Mark have been given permission from Llewellyn Worldwide to release the artwork for the Major Arcana! Take a look!

They will be showing artwork for the Deck over the course of the summer. Ellen and Mark will also be providing a sneak peak into their process designing the imagery of the Deck.

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Please enjoy the site as we count down to the release of the Witches Tarot!